GGS contributes to the introduction of new products, services and construction processes aligned with innovation technology and sustainable development. GGS business policy has not only been based on market opportunities, but also by innovative constructive procedures that bring technological value to the project and to the execution of the works.

Since its establishment, GGS has always sought the use of leading methodology always supported by first level engineering for improving the construction procedures. We have already shown this in the multitude of achievements that this company contributed to the Seville Universal Exposition (EXPO ’92) where innovative technologies such as the execution of on-site structures of post-slabs with non-adherent sheath cables were used in some of our works of said enclosure. Also, it was the first company in Spain in the use of a specific machine for soil stabilization with lime, executing thus the parking around the Guadalquivir river, Channels and Lake of the EXPO`92.

In the field of maritime works, this company has developed Formwork Systems for the realization of Docks that after 40 years is still used

Performances on the river edge of the Guadalquivir River along Calle Torneo of Sevilla, with a submerged holding foot system with its own methodology that has operated without a single weak point in the 2500 meters of navigable edge.

We are pioneers in the realization of reinforce projected concrete channels of great section for the Hydrographic Confederation of the Guadalquivir, which to this day, after more than 25 years the state is still optimal.

We were the first company to realize in Andalusia a Mixed Bridge of great lights with the concept of Integral Bridge.

And lately we have landed in the field of Renewable Energies building for the mercantile Esteyco Energy Prototype of foundation of offshore wind turbines in the Canary Islands, where they have developed leading technologies of Dewatering for works under the sea level.

We can affirm the intention of GGS to continue betting on the innovative solutions, which have made it up to now differentiate itself from almost all the companies of its size and that has been worth to him to occupy a specific market niche for this type of companies.