The commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment, united with the development of innovative construction procedures, makes GGS to participate in recent years in Projects with a high technological component.


An example of this is the construction for Esteyco Energy of a wind turbine foundation off-shore, within the so-called Elisa Project in the Canary Islands

Construction of the prototype foundation in dry dock using Dewatering system, for later launching the structure by controlled water inlet and later opening of the dock till the foundation floats and it was moved to the ocean.

It uses resources in I & D, as well as resources dedicated to training, which contribute to the improvement of its technological capacity. All this makes the selection, acquisition and assimilation of technology easier to find in the market and development in cooperation with other agents or even by itself.

GGS can address thoses improvements during the execution of the work, thanks to a qualified technical staff with more than 30 years of experience.

GGS, continues participating in innovative projects with new challenges, demonstrating in each work the passion for the work well done.