GERMAN GIL SENDA, S.A., a company dedicated to the construction of civil works and buildings, maintains a clear commitment to quality, respect for the environment and health&safety of its workers. In this line, GGS assumes the will to continuously improve the effectiveness of their management system, satisfy both the client requirements as well as the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to their activity and take the necessary measures to prevent pollution and safety risks and occupational health.

The basic guidelines that govern our Integrated Management Policy, which should govern our actions, are summarized in the principles set out below:

  • Customers are the reason for our work. We must know, to satisfy them, their real needs and expectations.
  • Reliability and continuous commitment in the fulfillment of the compromise acquired with the clients, through adequate planning and management of priorities, flexibility and agility of response.
  • Through adequate planning and monitoring, we will guide our organization in achieving continuous improvement both in the quality of our services and in the prevention and reduction of pollution. This planning and monitoring should be based on objective and feedback data on an ongoing basis.
  • Minimize harmful environmental impacts and prevent pollution, as well as promote the efficient use of resources and the proper management of waste.
  • Strengthen the relationship and collaboration with suppliers as a fundamental link in our service process.
  • By appropriate and appropriate planning of training, communication and awareness, we will increase the capacity and skill of our employees in the activities they perform to ensure the satisfaction of our clients’ expectations, respect and care of the Environment, as well as the minimization of risks associated with occupational safety and health.
  • In addition to the requirements of our clients, we must comply in our activities with the legislation in force regarding the Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety requirements as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes to.